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«Tantum quercus et nihil amplius» attributed to Diogenes Sinop ok.300 BC. e.

TANTUM QUERCUS has been conceived and  set up as  a creative laboratory  of the   JSC “SPETZKOMPLEKT” , who is known on the market  as a producer of  solid-wood flooring boards. With its residence   in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, RUSSIA,  the company  after fifteen years of  steady   creative and productive activities   has acquired   deep skills and habits as well as a wide experience   both   in designing modern solid-wood oak  floors and    in their manufacturing. The production of  JSC SPETZKOMPLEKT  is  well-known today  on  the domestic and international  markets, since the company has contributed  immensely to  the promotion  of  a number of   new   brands of solid-wood oak boards. At the same,  the distribution of new brands  via   conservatively  minded wholesalers  has sometimes  to push its way  through  a number of  barricades  and  difficulties  of different types,  thus , hampering   their   way of new ideas and technological facilities  to the  hearts of the  expecting   customers. Besides,  most of the   newly appeared   and  advancele designed  products   may be   produced  only  on special orders  and distributed  in limited  lots.  That was the  main reason why the brand   TANTUM QUERCUS  has been doomed to appear  on the market  of solid-wood board.


We have  been drying planning and profiling  oak boards for 15 years. files of oak. We do not know how to do the floors of other types of wood. And we shall not  declare to  have discovered all the secrets of oak.  Oak  seems to be as exhaustless as  the atom is.

…and nothing more

The  company is dealing only with  solid wood. We do not want to produce the plywood- based substantives  The true twenty  millimeters  of solid oak  in thickness  that is the deal without any compromises we keep to…