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Different designs are grouped into collections which may either reflect some newly found technological tricks for oak processing practiced by  technological department of TANTUM QUERCUS team or be just a part of seasonal fashion trends that are shaped on the market by the consumers.

  • обложка
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    Classic 2018

  • klassikcover
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    New Old

    Classics Designs, which have been pleasing the consumers for decades

  • Amstcover
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    Collection of original technical solutions

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    678 Series


Unfortunately, the computer screen does not pass with complete accuracy nuances of colors and tactile designs TANTUM QUERCUS. Therefore, the choice is recommended to see samples of products available to the partners TANTUM QUERCUS, the list of which is contained in section Contacts.

We do not recommend laying the board TANTUM QUERCUS yourself. This work requires professional skills. TANTUM QUERCUS partners and designers, create your own interior, will help you with the choice of professionals for laying boards.