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678 Series

It is a collection of non-standard designs  specified with  intricate  mechanical  treatment   of  the surface.  

Hereby the upper part  of the board  is consequently treated  first with   metallic brushes  and then with TYNEX  (deep brushing). The combination   helps not only to emphasize the wood’s texture, but  to make a more  tangible and visible relief of its  surface as well. The machine-programmed  mechanical treatment like this  creates  the illusion of the  surface been treated manually  by a portable planer ( “hand-scraping”).

On the top  the product  is covered   with  the   UV-hardened mat oil.

Dimensions of the boards are        20 х 125/150/190 х 600 …1800 мм

Construction :      100% solid wood,  tongue & groove, bevels   on all sizes,  deck-floor  installation  required

Grades :     NATURE / RUSTIC AB mix

Coating :    Combined

Package :   four layers as standard with  at least   two  full-length  pieces  inside   and  not more than  two pieces with a compounded  lengths in a package.