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TANTUM QUERCUS presents a new  collection of solid-wood floors  called  the   AMSTERDAM.   Everybody knows what AMSTERDAM is. Yes, it is the capital of    Netherlands, a small but   unique European country  with  versatile   scientific, intellectual and artistic traditions. The land has  been  for centuries    fighting  for its existence against  the sea defending its contours from the offensive waters  of the ocean. The eternal fighting like this couldn’t but unleash   the unlimited  strive for  scientific and intellectual research of the nation,  as well as  give  it a stimulus to a profound studying the surrounding world and  discovering some  new forms of it .

Netherlands   have given  the world   hundreds of  prominent people, starting from the names  of pioneer and   navigator  Willem Barentsz    and  mysterious     artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon  van Rijn from  the Medieval times, followed by the  universally  educated   personalities  like   Benedict Spinoza  and    Antoni van Leeuwenhoek  from  the   Enlightenment  Age and  finishing by  the names of modern  Dutch  architects   Piet Blom and Remment Koolhaas, whose  boundless  creativity and talent   seem  to turn  upside down  all existing    concepts  of  contemporary  urban housing!  We wanted this “Dutch Spirit”   to be obviously  visible  in the concept of the  presented collection.  That is why just  at  the very first  glance at it  the viewer can’t but   feel  the scent of  long sea  journeys, romance  of  antiquity,  serene wisdom and some kind of “shocking design”. The collection looks like  an ancient pirate  frigate  just  recently  taken out from the deep waters.   The scratches and bruises in  its  sterns   seem to  prove that  the vessel  has  really experienced a lot of dramatic battles, but  in spite of that   is  still  kept afloat and  ready  for further adventures, although  its obviously  visible  “wounds”, breaches and  scars  seem to be deliberately  patched  in  a hurry  with  “unskilled hands”.    But on the other hand it is exactly those   “unprofessionally”   patched   holes and defects  being a part of Dutch  design that      give the collection  the  sense  of delicate  originality and charm.

When creating the collection we  applied some  unusual  constructive solutions in the manner,  that  could  help to distinguish  it technologically  from other collections   and at the same time to   make it easier to feel the atmosphere of this  unforgettable European  city.   Thus, both  the “waves” and colour  of the AMSTEL design should not  just  remind the consumer of  the colour and  the taste  of some   popular Dutch beer’s  brand, but  it should  throw out  as well  some  hint on the name of the river the capital of Netherlands is standing upon.  Or the one who once touches  the surface of  the MAGERE BRUG solid-wood  oak board  with his feet should   feel “the breathing” of this medieval  city draw-bridge over HERENGRACHT channel in the  heart of  AMSTERDAM. And the channel HERENGRACHT  itself has been “immortalized” in the collection  by  some original technological solutions and has become an item of it.  At the same time,  we would like to hope that  the  colours and design  of the  QUEEN OF NIGHT flooring board   could  add some charm and romance  of this well-known carefully selected  Dutch tulip   to the  living quarters where  the board will be   installed .

To make a long story short it should be noticed that the  presented collection of  flooring board  contains a number of  original technical solutions that  being  a  distinctive  part  of the  floor installed in the lodgment  should help the consumer  to feel  the exciting    atmosphere of AMSTERDAM, the capital of  great land  which   always  charges  the inhabitants and guests  with its  positive energy, sense of creativity  and taste of  freedom. And here is one more detail to be added:  this collection has been also  conceived  as   a  gesture of  thankfulness and gratitude  to our old Dutch friends and partners Mr. Bastiaan Smits,  Mr. Ruud Steenvoorden,  Mr.Yan Rupert and some other personalities of “our former”  Dutch  FETIM, who  had once  rendered us inestimable support and assistance  at the initiative  stage  of our business  activities  as  to the producers  and sellers  of solid-wood oak floors and  who  had once  discovered us  their   beautiful  and attractive land.