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Classic 2018

It is a collection of classical designs.

The surface is either sanded or brushed. Brushing means soft “scratching” of the surface with special metallic brushes to make the texture of wood more vivid.

The top layer is the solidificated silky-mat UV oil. This kind of covering permits to low the price of the product compared with the boards finished with hard-wax oil. The solidificated UV oil creates a kind of a thin film thus making the surface of the board exclusively resistant to water and other liquids.

Dimensions of the boards are        20 х 75/95/125/150/190 х 600 …1800 мм

Construction :      100% solid wood,  tongue & groove, bevels   on all sizes,  deck-floor  installation  required

Grades :     NATURE / RUSTIC AB mix

Coating :    Combined

Package :   four layers as standard with  at least   two  full-length  pieces  inside   and  not more than  two pieces with a compounded  lengths in a package.